Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today was another good day. I joined a carpool of 3 other student teachers from Gustavus. We've had a bunch of classes together so it'll be fun. The only problem is that their teachers get to school early and mine gets there right on time (or a little late) so I have to wait out in the hall for her. Today there was a little girl from the other 4th grade class that I could talk to, though.

Today was D's golden birthday. He is slowly becoming one of my favorite kids. S told me that at his old school he got in all kinds of trouble for threatening and hitting teacher, but she's had no problems with him at all. I think he's a really sweet kid. Since it was his birthday he brought everyone in the class a donut. He is probably the smallest kid in the class. It was so cute to see him carrying a huge box. He could barely see over it. He was so excited that it was his birthday. He got some little presents from S (a free assignment, a pencil, maybe something else) and we sang him Happy Birthday. There also is a postal service within the school and he got a few letters today which was cute.

I got to start teaching a little today. I didn't write any lessons or anything but I helped with one of the guided reading stations, I read the class a chapter from "Shiloh Returns" and I worked with some individual kids who were gone yesterday. We also did stations in math and I was able to walk around and play games with the kids. I also was in charge of filling the class "Me Box." I took it home last night and filled it with things about me. I put a few pictures, a cat book, my movie and concert tickets, and one of my cutmolas in it. In all the pictures they first guessed that Julia was me. Barf. One of the boys asked if my nephew was a boy or a girl. LOLZ! They LOVED my cutmola. They had art later in the day and made me promise to bring it with to show the art teacher. I did and she was doing them with her 6th graders and so she asked if she could borrow it to show them. woooooo. I've never met anyone who has heard of them but she also went to Gustavus and she knew my art teacher from here really well so I think she probably learned about them the same way that I did.

Time for trivia. Bracken, Out.

P.S. P told me I was really cool. Oh, and A is obsessed with me. She wasn't here yesterday so I went up to her right away to talk and the rest of the day she kept asking me for help or telling me to sit by her.

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  1. Cutmolas will make you famous some day.

    You picked perfect things for the box. Sounds like a really fun day!!