Monday, February 23, 2009

today was my first day of full time teaching. it went pretty well. i ran out of stuff to teach for reading but it ended up being fine. in math my first lesson was ok, but there was a lot i wanted to fix. luckily i get to teach math twice. the next lesson (which is to the low math class) went a lot better. that group of kids is a lot easier to work with. they are nicer and they try harder. the other group seems to think they are too good for school or something. also, i had to give a pretest for a project i have to do this semester. in the first math class one of the girls--who has been a problem for me since i've been here--was getting so mad and frustrated. i kept telling her it wasn't graded, that it is totally ok to guess, that i would never expect her to know all the answers, but she just got crabbier and crabbier.

i had to give out some checks today. for some reason, all the kids in the school have been acting up. when i talked to the other student teachers they all said that today was not a good day behavior wise so i know it isn't just my students. at first i felt bad that i was giving them checks but all three of them really did deserve it. plus, the first check is only a warning. getting it sure made S (my problem student that i talked about earlier) and A very mad at me. by the end of the day they seemed to have forgotten all about it, though.

after school i spent a long time getting a math game ready for tomorrow. i don't know how fun it will be, but most of my students are pretty competitive so i think they'll enjoy it.

tomorrow sheila will be gone and there will be a sub in my room all day. barf.

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