Thursday, February 19, 2009

today was a crappy day. it started out great, though. the kids played "hot seat" which is basically taboo except there aren't any words you can't say. i made it on my smart board. one kid sat in the front with their back to the board which had a vocab word on it. the other kids called out words to get the person in the hot seat to guess it. they had a lot of fun with it. then after that game they were supposed to write sentences using possessive nouns. it sucked. they had had an indoor recess so they were loud and antsy. i got really frustrated. when they went to art i talked to sheila and she said it was just how they would have acted with her, too so i really shouldn't be too worried about it. it was still an exhausting day. plus ted and tony had to meet with their teachers after school so we didn't leave until 445.

but then we (julia, katie, alanna, and I) went to ruttles and i had a yummy veggie burger.

tomorrow is friday!!!!!!!


  1. All teachers have days like that...and all teachers HATE days like that!! The beginning of the day sounds like it was lots of fun. Hooray for veggie burgers, and hooray for Fridays!

  2. Please update on Friday nights so I can hear how your Fridays go! Or at least by noon on Saturday! I'm going crazy here!