Thursday, March 12, 2009

i forgot to blog yesterday. sorry sue.

i have been observing a lot more now that i am not full time. i still teach a major part of the day, but not all the time anymore. it's been really fun to be able to watch my students. i observed most of the first week but i didn't really know any of them yet. now i notice all kinds of funny things that they do. for example, yesterday one of my students said to the other boys at his table, "i'm not really here today. it's just my soul." he looked so serious when he said it and he didn't know i was listening. i've also noticed a lot of note passing going on. sheila can't see it when she is teaching so i've started to go and take the notes. they get sooooo mad! the notes are usually stupid "how are you?" "i'm fine" "good" but sometimes they say "will you go out with me? circle yes or no.

i have to take a math test on saturday! ish! me no wanna.

today was my third day observing "social studies." the first day they talked all day about dairy. the second day they talked all day about dairy. today she decided to mix it up. they talked about soymilk. they are learning so much about the midwest!!

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