Monday, March 23, 2009

sorry to my sister for making her worry! i left my phone at school. woops.

today was a good day. i had 5 kids (FIVE!!) for my first social studies lesson. and i was being observed. lolz. we're working on a writing project where each kid gets to write either a journal, a letter to a friend, or a report (as if they were a reporter) pretending that they are in one of the western states. some of them have written some really really good ones! a lot of them haven't even started though.

play practice is going well. i'm glad i am not in charge of it but on the other hand there are many times when i want to jump in and tell some of the kids what to do. i'm very excited for the 4 performances on friday. i will be taping it so that i can show off how great/precious my students are.

we're making paper tomorrow! i hope it works....i tried it tonight with newspaper and it didn't really work. i have regular paper for tomorrow so it should be better. right?

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