Monday, March 16, 2009

today was my first day of social studies and writing. i thought it went pretty well even though the content i had to cover today was pretty boring. tomorrow will be better--i made a slideshow of animals and plants that are found in the west. we're also going to talk about weather. today was more about capitals and which states are found in the west.
it was amazing only having to teach for 2 hours! i like to teach, but i also love to watch my kids while someone else is teaching. it is really interesting to see who pays attention and who gets off task.
my class has been working on a play. they are going to perform it next friday and i am so excited! they are so cute when they go through it. only a few of them have their lines memorized and none of them do much acting. but today some of them had their costumes and it was really cute.
on a completely unrelated note, i have been eating a lot lately. i hope i don't get too fat. i figure i'll burn it all off trying to keep warm in alaska--i looked up the average weather for april and may. the average HIGH for april is -6. may is a better-- its 24. the warmest it has EVER been there in may is 46 degrees.

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  1. What? Wait--seriously, -6? Good thing you like winter! Also, good thing you 6 are hearty Minnesotans. Can you imagine a bunch of Californians going there?